Jondalyn gathers courage to look again.

Books Written and Illustrated by Kathleen E. Deisher

Beyond the Gloesmur and Dee the Duck Books

Beyond the Gloesmur (Print) cover.
Beyond the Gloesmur
By Kathleen E, Deisher
ISBN-13: 9781892135001
Paperback Version
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A stable boy and a flying horse pursue a mysterious quest with a beautiful but pampered princess from a faraway land. Read along as Princess Jondalyn journeys beyond the gloesmur for an enchanting “once upon a time” tale of adventure.

Dee the Duck and the Treasure Box cover.
Kindle Version
By Kathleen E, Deisher
New Release!
ISBN-13: 9781892135612
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Introducing Dee the Duck and her adventures in this beautifully illustrated ebook.

Help children understand the joy in helping others and appreciate the blessings found in multi-generational family settings.

Beyond the Gloesmur (Kindle) cover.
Kindle Version
By Kathleen E, Deisher
New Release!
ISBN-13: 9781892135070
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Now available—the reawakened Beyond the Gloesmur for Kindle!

Prepare to be taken to faraway lands with princesses and sword fights–where love grows and heroes aren’t always perfect.

A book for the whole family to enjoy.

Cover Art Illustrations by Kathleen E. Deisher

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