The light dispels the darkness.


Quintilian found the tinderbox, lit the candle, and gazed at the window. She gave a long sigh, “Oh…!” Jondalyn was speechless. Before her the head of the most beautiful creature she had ever seen was draped in her bedroom window. Long white eyelashes blinked over the deep black eyes of a pure ivory white flying horse standing outside on her balcony. Jondalyn saw huge folded wings resting on the horse’s side.


Jondalyn, the Royal Princess of Glenora, was in the dark and did not know to whom she was talking. Imagine her surprise when she lights her candle, illuminating her room, and she discovers she is chatting with a flying horse. In a sense, that small candle light opens up a world of wonder for Jondalyn because light dispels darkness. Join Princess Jondalyn as she flies with Aeroan, a talking winged horse, to the land of Nifelah where adventure awaits.

Turn on the light!

Life is full of delightful surprises, but it often takes shining a light in the dark to discover them. When ensnared in disappointment and fear, we can find it hard to believe that help can come to us. Detecting the good in life often requires facing our shortcomings and turning on the light that can leave us speechless. How often does it happen that we don’t know how to respond when the light comes into our lives? What the light unveils is often hard for us to grasp and leaves us without words to express the beauty we can now see.

The Light dispels Darkness.

In BEYOND THE GLOESMUR, a Christian juvenile fantasy, light dispelling darkness is a theme that runs through the book. For Jondalyn, she must confront what is dark within her—her own issues, fears, and faults. When she finds herself in a very bleak place, will she finally discover that the light of Love Itself can help her get rid of the dark things lingering in her heart? Coming into the light turns out to be a delightful surprise and helps Jondalyn get through the challenges ahead.

Shining a true light in dark places brings freedom.

Being in the light should leave us speechless at times. We should be grateful because light can bring true freedom from things that hide in deep darkness. It is only in true light that we can discover who we are.

Illustration by Kathleen E. Deisher

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