Dee the Duck looks inside the spice cabinet.

Seeing Possibilities

Dee sees cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, and even vanilla in the spice cabinet.


Have you ever looked in the spice cabinet for something that wasn’t there? It can be frustrating. If you wanted to make a particular food, did you look for alternatives—either substitutions or other similar dishes? DEE THE DUCK AND THE BLACKBERRY PIE explores the difficulties of taking on a project and bringing it to a conclusion.

Facing frustration in finishing means facing choices of response.

When Dee the Duck searches in the kitchen spice cabinet for cocoa for her baking project and cannot find any, she is met with the disappointment of not being able to complete her task. As the duckling repeatedly faces the frustration of lacking what she needs, she has a choice:

  1. Will Dee get angry, anxious, and discouraged because of circumstances outside her control? Will she “give up” achieving her goal?
  2. Will Dee keep a good attitude even when she must leave her objective for a time? Will she stay creative?

Finishing is important!

Persistence is an essential characteristic of finishers—people who “get the job done.” Finishers remain on the lookout for solutions even when they must turn their attention to other matters. Creative people who are wise understand that failure is part of the process. They do not let setbacks stop them from accomplishing their dreams. Some of the world’s best and most innovative creations developed in seasons of failure. Finishers are people who find the courage to keep trying.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

–Winston S. Churchill

Find the courage to keep trying. Watch for solutions!

DEE THE DUCK AND THE BLACKBERRY PIE helps your child discover that sometimes everything needed to complete a project may not be available. Let the story help your child think through planning and problem solving. Teach your child to examine other possibilities. Dee’s story will encourage your child to be creative, see possibilities, and watch for solutions.

Illustration by Kathleen E. Deisher

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