Making Memories at Christmas.

Make Memories at Christmas!

“You still have space for more treasures,” says Papa.


Celebrate Christmas

I enjoy Christmas—the wonder, the splendor, the glory! I believe God smiles when we celebrate the birth of His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ! I don’t care if the date is or isn’t exactly right. During this time of year, I rejoice in giving and receiving gifts because I love to remember and delight in the greatest gift of love ever given—Jesus Christ! Celebrating Christmas helps me feel God’s love even when life is lonely because now that Jesus has come, none of us who call on Him will ever be alone.

Love Has Come to Us

Christmas reminds us that love has come to us from heaven. Yes, in the form of the baby Jesus but also in the love expressed through gathering and celebrating together. Devote time this Christmas to make memories with friends and family. Appreciate the gift of being with those whom you love.

Capture the Joy of Gathering with Loved Ones

Years ago, we started collecting magnets for the places we traveled. It is fun to look back and remember our times together. Perhaps save a small memento in a treasure box to remind you of someone important to you, find an ornament to represent a family event, or hang a magnet on your refrigerator to capture the joy of gathering with loved ones. I am grateful for the blessing of having people in my life. I choose to make space for these treasures during this special time of year. Have a Merry Christmas and share it with others!

Illustration by Kathleen E. Deisher