Beyond the Gloesmur for Kindle News.

When Staying Behind Moves You Forward

My exciting news: BEYOND THE GLOESMUR is now available in a Kindle Edition!

“Jondalyn extended her hand to place it on the glass wall. Instead, her hand and arm passed through the Gloesmur, which seemed to dissolve into a transparent veil of glass. Seeing her hand move through the ripples and folds of the glass curtain, she felt a strange sensation. It was something like looking at her arm and hand fully submerged in a pool of water. Colors of the rainbow danced around her skin.”

Kathleen E. Deisher. BEYOND THE GLOESMUR

As I returned to the call to create the Lord gave me at a young age, I felt like Jondalyn, a princess in BEYOND THE GLOESMUR. Jondalyn sits by the mysterious Gloesmur. She has to decide whether she will pass through the Gloesmur to return to everything familiar or stay in a strange land to carry out tasks given to her.

When I wrote my first rough draft of BEYOND THE GLOESMUR, most people didn’t have cell phones. The Internet, social media, and laptops were in their infancy. Through the years, I managed to stay aware but not proficient with the changes in communication.

Testing One’s Mettle

With the rekindling of my desire to write and illustrate books, my publisher and cheer squad pushed me to become more active in the online community. It made sense, but it’s a peculiar territory to me. I had a choice—stay and create or go back to what is normal. Writing and illustrating books is an unsure business. Learning new tools—online and offline—to improve my skills is time-consuming. It takes a lot of work and tests one’s mettle. Could I learn to hone my craft and gain the new skills needed to meet the online world?

Staying Can Move You Forward

My hand was in the wall of glass, and I chose to pull it back. I decided to stay and hang around the strange new realm of technology. I stayed in the unfamiliar to pursue what God dropped into my dreams years ago. And because I did, the reawakened BEYOND THE GLOESMUR is now released as a Kindle ebook! I am excited and a little pleased.

Choices of the Heart

Now the questions remain, “What choice will Jondalyn make? Will she push through the Gloesmur to return to the familiar, or will she remain in unknown lands?” Read BEYOND THE GLOESMUR for the answer.